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Prize Winning Afghan ? help ?
here is the pattern.. See if you undertsand this. I sure don't understand the last 2 paragrapghs of the pattern. I wish there was a video showing me what to do with those loops.

Finished afghan is 60 X 64 inches including fringe. You will need 35 oz. of your color choice 4 ply yarn. I like the no-match stuff, just in case you need or what it longer. You will also need a size "I" crochet hook and 13 one inch safety pins. GAUGE 6 dcs equal 2 inches, 2 rows equal 1".

Note: Count ch 3 at end of each rows as 1 dc. In the last 2 rows ch 6, not 10 for lps.

ROW 1: Ch 253, dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in next 9 chs, ch 10 sk 10 chs (this makes lp) *dc in next 10 ch, ch 10, sk 10 chs. Repeat from* until there are 13 groups of dcs and 12 lps, ch 3, turn.

ROW 2: Dc in next 9 dcs, ch 10, sk lp, *dc in next 10 dcs, ch 10, sk lp, repeat from *, ch 3, turn. Repeat rown 2 until there are 116 rows. Fasten off.

To finish lps: Start at bottom of afghan and with fingers pull first lp over 2nd lp, pull 2nd lp through, 2nd lp over 3rd, 3rd through, Repeat to end, fasten last 2 lps tog with safety pin. (Be sure all lps go in same direction.)

Fringe: Cut 10 inch lengths of yarn, fold in half. Knot one folded strand in each sc at top and bottom, trim fringe evenly.
Now what do I do with all of those loops? I don't understand it.

here is what I have so far.

~ Susan
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~ Susan
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