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Knitting in the round on double points?
Hi all,
I'm having a problem with knitting in the round on my double points. I'm knitting a tube sock (pattern-No Heel, No Toe, No Worries!) and it's my first time knitting with double points.

I cast on the amount of stitches I needed, distributed them on three needles, and started knitting using a fourth needle. I knit two rows, (I'm knitting a 3X3 rib) and then I realized that my work wasn't joined! I was knitting flat on dps. So then I came to this site to watch the double point video, but it's so long, and the lady talks about a bunch of random stuff... in short, I couldn't ever find the actual part where she showed how to join the work.

This is my fourth time trying to knit these socks. My aunt gave me the pattern and said they were the easiest thing in the world. I'd love some advice! Thanks so much,
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