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13 Safety Pins??
Originally Posted by SusanMarie1956 View Post
here is the pattern.. See if you undertsand this. I sure don't understand the last 2 paragrapghs of the pattern. I wish there was a video showing me what to do with those loops.

Finished afghan is 60 X 64 inches including fringe. You will need 35 oz. of your color choice 4 ply yarn. I like the no-match stuff, just in case you need or what it longer. You will also need a size "I" crochet hook and 13 one inch safety pins. GAUGE 6 dcs equal 2 inches, 2 rows equal 1".

Note: Count ch 3 at end of each rows as 1 dc. In the last 2 rows ch 6, not 10 for lps.


To finish lps: Start at bottom of afghan and with fingers pull first lp over 2nd lp, pull 2nd lp through, 2nd lp over 3rd, 3rd through, Repeat to end, fasten last 2 lps tog with safety pin. (Be sure all lps go in same direction.)

Fringe: Cut 10 inch lengths of yarn, fold in half. Knot one folded strand in each sc at top and bottom, trim fringe evenly.
Now what do I do with all of those loops? I don't understand it.

here is what I have so far.

~ Susan

Do you mean all the loops? They look like dropped knit stitches. You knit the loops from bottom to top and put a stitch holder on for the last two loops until ?? The instructions end without saying how to bind off the knitted loops. You could knit them up as you start the last row and SC through the loop on the stitch holder from the middle of ch 6 loops of the last row.

I think it was missing in the instructions so I suggest you can bind off the loops by working the last row chain spaces into the "knitted" loop pulled up.

Or perhaps better, you could tie one of the fringe tassels around the last two loops to secure them as MGM suggested.

Funny that the pattern just left it out... (searching)

I found an identical pattern called Jacob's Ladder (link). There is a SC border around the whole afghan. That site has a photo and the following finishing instructions.

Finishing: Sc in each dc across top, 2 scs in each lp (remove safety pins as you go). Across bottom sc in 10 dc, * ch 1, sc in 10 dc. Repeat from * to end, fasten off.
Fringe: Cut 10 inch lengths of yarn, fold in half. Knot on folded strand in each ch at top and bottom, trim fringe evenly.
I like that solution as it finishes the sides (row ends) with a clean edge. With such a SC edge you could skip the fringe and embellish the edge with your favorite edge treatment (e.g. fans and picots.)
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