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Welcome to our wonderful KH Forum, everyone!

Originally Posted by AlexisB View Post
Hello, fellow knitters. I'm Alexis.........If anyone has ideas for projects, please tell me so I can try them out!
Hi Alexis! If you click the "Patterns" button at the top of this page, you'll see some fun projects there. Also, I have a link to some beginner patterns in my signature below. Good luck with your knitting!

Originally Posted by dawn2knit View Post
........I started a "journal" a couple of years ago with pictures of my finished projects together with all pertient information -- a copy of the pattern, the needle size, special notes, etc......
There is another website you would also enjoy for your knitting reference. It's called "Ravelry". Here's a link:
Just go to that website, and get your registration started (it's all free), and they will send you an invitation to participate. I keep all my yarn, needles, hooks and projects referenced there, and it's so nice!

Originally Posted by littlebit View Post
.....looking forward to making new friends as well as getting help with knitting problems.
Be sure to check out our "Knitters Knear You" section to find people in your area, and read through our "How To" section for help with knitting problems.

Originally Posted by metanisbet View Post
........I own a yarn shop in Western Massachusetts........At the end of the very first session with all the new knitters I recommend they go to
Thanks for recommending our site! I feel the same way as you - I hope it's here FOREVER!
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