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I've had mine well over a couple months, more like a couple of years and it hasn't slowed down.
It's not worth it to plunk $100-$150 down on something like this if you're not a pro or rich. That's like saying you need professional steam blocking forms for knitting. You may want the best but you don't need the best.

$30 suited me fine. If it dies in a few years it's worth replacing with another $30. It would take 5 of them to make up one $150 unit.

I didn't even think of it as something I could iron with (because I never iron except when I'm sewing). I was using a squirt bottle and my old iron for sewing when I had the steamer sitting right there.
I need to sew something so I'll get that into my head or else when I plug in my iron and smell wax I may run out to buy a new iron. I think I need an apple harvesting bag.
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