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Snarkiness on Ravelry
I've been on Ravelry for a couple years and have not participated much in the forums (who needs ravelry forums when we have KH ). But for some reason this summer I have gotten involved in some of the groups.

There are some great groups for specific "stuff" (mittens, fair isle, dale of norway etc) and I've gotten some wonderful information and ideas from the.

But I've noticed that on some of "general" forums that people can be REALLY Snarky, I mean REALLY judgemental and critical. I wondered why that was.

Here and on other forums I am on we don't always agree and occasionally things get a bit heated but GENERALLY we are respectful and kind. On Ravelry I've seen people get torn to shreds for posting an opinion or thought others don't agree with.

Is it the volume of people involved? It certainly isn't lack of Moderators. I've been trying to stay away from the non-knitting threads because I usually end up stressed over it.

Anyone else noticed that it's not always a kind and gentle place? I'm not intending this as a Ravelry bash (I love Ravelry), just thoughts on why some forums are kinder than others.
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