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Originally Posted by Mirl56 View Post
I find it easiest if I do the picking up and first few rows with double pt needles - just use one needle for each side.

You've got live stitches on one needle on one edge. It's a little tricky to turn the corner to get to the next side (that's why I like to use dble pt needles for this part). Use a new needle and pick up the stitches along the nest side. Then use a 3rd needle to pick up stitches on the next side - it'll be the same number as the live stitches you started with on the first needle. Ditto the 4th side.

After you knit a few rounds with the dbl pt needles, it's faairly easy to switch to a circular needle, you probably want a 16" needle.
Mirl56, I'll give this a try....and the video Cacunn sent was great. I'm not the best with the DP that's why I chose this pattern, since I'm use to circular needles....but there's hope for me yet. Thanks a bunch!
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