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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
You can turn it off?

Go to the forum page, on the far right is a tab that says "rearrange", click on that. It allows you to rearrange the order in which the forums show up on your page.

If you scroll all the way down to he bottom of the page it has the "buttons" listed, by unchecking any of the buttons you don't want displayed it removes them from your screen. OTHERS will still see the buttons they chose to see and can hit disagree on your posts. But, the buttons you uncheck do not show when YOU are on the page.

I unchecked the "disagree" button as soon as I realized that it is often used in a passive aggresive way. Other can still disagree but I don't have to know about it.

I call it living in disagreeable oblivion The only way I know if someone disagrees with me is if they take the time to explaon why they disagree, which I find a much better way.
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