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Casting On
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probably a silly question, but...
Hello, knitters! I'm new to knitting--absolutely clueless-- and I've found the videos here really helpful. I am having a problem, though, and I can't decide whether it's something every new knitter experiences and works through, or whether there's something wrong with my thread/needle choices, or whether I'm just doing it wrong.

After casting on, is that first row of stitches normally very difficult? It seems like my casting-on is too tight, and I've loosened it a bit. But it's still not really working-- my stitches are very LOOSE on the second needle, often fall off, and look generally WRONG. I started with #9 plastic needles because that's what a friend recommended, but I wonder if those traditional metal ones would be easier.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Poppy
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