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Welcome to the forum everyone!

Originally Posted by CraftyDad View Post
........i think i'm going to use 10 or 10.5 needles for worsted weight wool yarn. Does that sound right?
Hi Mike, Yes, size 10 needles will work fine with worsted weight yarn. If you are a loose knitter, you might want to switch to size 8 or 9. Just try it out and see what looks best. Good luck!

Originally Posted by toomanykids7 View Post
Hello I am new to knitting about a year! This website is fantastic!! But I need some help with intarsia knitting. Could someone please tell me if you read the pattern right to left or left to right or both this is very confusing to me. Thanks so much.
Hello there!
It sounds like you are using a chart for the intarsia portion.

Your chart will have rows of symbols for the section you're working on. Just start on the bottom row, and read the symbols from right to left. Then, go up to the next row, and read the symbols left to right. Keep going back and forth this way as you go up the chart. Soon, your knitting will match what you see on the chart, and it will get easier.

If your knitting is done with stockinette stitch, be sure the knit the rows on the right side, and purl the rows on the wrong side.

Good luck!
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