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Originally Posted by jimhim View Post
hello to all,

My name is James, I am a newbie, and new to knitting , when i was a kid I used to watch my aunty knitting in the corner for hours on end.

now I have decided to take it up. I have been knitting the past week well , if you call it knitting with knots and holes more than i can count , i would also like to know if there are many men at this as i would like to here form them , just to place my mind at rest

Also i would like to know for starting off what is the best size knitting needles to use. i have 7MM,5MM,2.5MM,and 5MM circular knitting pin and a set of sock knit pins ( if anyone can tell me what these are for? i would be great full)
and finally a crochet hook 5MM

Many thanks

James Carpenter

James, sock knit pin? (adjusting for Commonwealth English to US English) I'd guess they are a set of 4 or 5 double pointed needles or DPNs as often abbreviated here.

I'm Jack (or John) and there are a few fellow male knitters here. Not long ago a thread was started, Any mem knitters out there. If you visit there you'll see your not alone.

Some of us men also crochet. Sometimes the bigger question is how many knitters or crocheter practice the craft in public.

Welcome to KnittingHelp (KH) and have a look about the forum. You'll find it is organized into a few sections with self explaining titles.

Good luck with your brothers. I guess you can't just knock some sense into 'em?
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