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Welcome to the wonderful KH Forum, everyone!

Originally Posted by jimhim View Post
.........i would also like to know if there are many men at this as i would like to here form them , just to place my mind at rest
Hi James!
As you can see, there are several male knitters in our forum. In fact, one of our moderators is a man! Welcome.

Originally Posted by Rorshach View Post
Hello to all, both new and old friends.
Welcome back, Aaron!

Originally Posted by gracielynn View Post
I love knitting .. I just completed my first ever SOCK last evening . I say completed . but I didn't do the grafting.. I think you call it......
Hi Lisa!
The toe grafting is called "kitchener stitch"
You can see several websites about how to do it here:
Kitchener Stitch Websites

Originally Posted by knit4peace View Post
Im Natalie... Im new at knitting and the site... I came across it while looking for ways to cast off! I got it down until it comes to tieing it and cutting... i dont think im doing that right!
When you finish binding off all the stitches, leave a long tail of yarn and cut it. Then just pull the tail to tighten it, and weave in the long tail through the back of your work with a yarn needle. Good luck!
You'll see an illustrated guide here on this webpage. Just scroll down the page to see "Binding Off".
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