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Personal knitting websites
Hi everyone
First time seen this brilliant looking site!! How could i have missed it all this time??
Has anyone else got their own personal website for kind of just showing some of the things they've knitted over the years? I am a massive Elvis fan, and knitted Elvis jackets since 1985 as a hobby tho my pals do pay me for knitting stuff cos you all will know HOW long it takes to do personalised garments dontcha?? so i decided just to do a website of my own showing a few things but mainly too so i could add so many of my Elvis pals round the world, and the Elvis hols we have been to in USA and England (I'm from Yorkshire, England) plus pics from 60s music weekend events we attend..
Have a look and by all means let me know what you think, and I am pleased to join the site... bet i will learn a lot.
I have no idea about knitting machines but so many folk have suggested i should have one (VERY expensive huh!) tho i know for my personal designs (always different, never 2 the same) I think it would need a digital machine or something... WHERE do you find out about these machines huh??? Any help welcome.. hope you enjoy some of the pics on my site tho...
Best wishes to all and glad to be a member now! Lolly (Lorraine)
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