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Originally Posted by chj View Post
Hi Pet Snuggle people!! Please tell me if I'm out of line to post this question here... I meet weekly with a knitting group here in my neighborhood. Today they were all lamenting about their large stashes of leftover yarn, and being an animal lover, I have always liked the idea of making snuggles. I'm thinking of doing it with my group (I told them about it, and they thought it would be fun) but we would do it locally and work directly with the local shelter (rather than mailing with all of you). I did read the "rules" on the Snuggles Project page, and I intend to join and donate and report to them what we make, so that they get credit for what we do. Is there anything else I should think of?

OK so far? My main question for you all is, what are your favorite patterns, both knit and crochet? We have knitters and crocheters in our group.

Anyway, I think that what you all are doing is great, and I'm sure all the critters appreciate it too.


Thanks for starting a new branch of this group! I'd recommend for the crocheters either simple rows of single crochet until it's long enough, or maybe rows of half double crochets in back loops only until it's long enough. Really, any stitch would do, as long as it's not too open. Good luck getting started!!
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