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Originally Posted by mullerslanefarm View Post
Suffolk is a down sheep. A fleece will weigh between 5-8 lbs. It is a medium wool (micron count of 25-33 / spinning count of 48-58). Staple length of 2"-3".

I have a few suffolk and suffolk cross fleeces in my stash. I like them for heavy duty outerwear like mittens, hats & socks since they don't felt so easily.

I have a few links on my spinning page about scouring a raw fleece you might want to check out.

Have you spun from prepared fiber before?

I see you're in IL ... me too! South of Sterling/Rock Falls but north of Tampico (kind of the lower NW part of the state.)
Yes I've spun about four oz. of corriedale from Paradise Fibers with their student drop spindle.

I'm interested in the fleece because it is practically free and I want to do the whole process from fleece to yarn also it is my best friends
sheep and will probably be my birthday present, at least thats what I asked for.
Thank you for the link. I've been researching it out and feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect of a whole fleece.

When you wash your fleece about how many lbs. do you get and is it very hard to spin for a beginner?

Oh and I live about 55 miles south of Springfield.
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