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Welcome everyone, to our wonderful KH Forum!

Originally Posted by Rorshach View Post
Thanks for the welcome back, Shandeh. I'm just about finished with a sweater I've been working with on and off over the last year or so, when I'm done I'll be posting pics of it.
Looking forward to seeing those photos!

Originally Posted by Barbie View Post
........wanted to make small wash cloths for the baby. Maybe only 6" or so. Can anyone recommend a straight pattern and the right yarn? Thank you.
Hi Barbie!
Here are some baby wash cloth patterns for you:
Baby Wash Cloths
Buttercup Baby Cloth #2
Buttercup Baby Cloth #1
How To Knit a Baby Washcloth

Originally Posted by guitarpena View Post
Hi, my name is John........I would like to ask, if its normal for the first and last row to be so loose when your knittin?
Hi John!
Most of us have a problem with those rows being too TIGHT. It's interesting that yours are too loose. Just keep practicing, and you'll get better at making those rows look more consistent with the rest of your knitted item. Just pull the yarn a bit tighter as you cast on and bind off.

Originally Posted by theresep View Post
Help! I am very new to knitting and I am making baby booties (Mary Jane style) I am stuck at rejoin yarn where you started binding off 21 stitches. I get that part, then Cast on 12 stitches using cable cast-on method. I understand cable cast on method, but how do I start this and what does it connect to?
Hello! I'm going to copy your question to the "How To" section of the forum, so you'll get some help. You also should post a link to the pattern there, so others can know how to help you better.
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