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New and a little nervous
Hi all,
Iam new to this forum and a little nervous so please forgive me if I make a mistake in this post.
I just started spinning on a drop spindle and I'm having a little difficulty. Everytime I try to draft while spinning it feels like I'm just tearing the fibres and I end up with a big mess behind my hand that's holding the mass. I've watched loads of vids on the web about this and I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Am I doing something wrong?
Also the yarn I did manage it spin, after I set the twist and dried it with a weight hanging from it, it still twists back around itself which as I understand it is not how it is supposed to be and also in the yarn itself are areas where the yarn is all twisty not straight like its supposed to be. I really like the spinning but maybe its just not for me?
Any advice you have would be wonderful.
Thanks so much,
Hugs and Bubbles,
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