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Grafting the Toe
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We can't read the pattern but only look at the picture. It looks like a standard beanie that you will knit in the round. There are several techniques for knitting in the round--magic loop, double pointed needles, 2 circulars or 1 circular. I ususally use a 16 inch long circular needle if the pattern begins at the cuff and it probably does, then use dpns or 2 circulars to finish the top when there are too few stitches to proceed comfortably on the 1 circular. Yes, you will need to join your work to work in a circle. There is a video about how to do that here as well.

As Jan said you will use a stranded technique. Your chart probably shows only one skull and you will repeat the chart a given number of times around. Working in the round on a chart like this you work all the rows of the chart from right to left. You will start on the end of the chart with the jaw of the skull and work up so the skulls will be right side up.
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