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I just started spinning in June. I used park and draft for a few weeks until I felt comfortable letting the spindle hang. It just happened one day without thinking. I gave up severe predrafting quite quickly and found my spinning improved dramatically. I now just "fluff" the fibers a bit if they feel compacted and go for it.
I am spinning for a 3 ply fingering weight and found that for me the weight of the spindle affected how easily I can spin very thin singles. I most commonly use a half oz and a .8 oz spindle for my singles and save my heavier beginner spindles which are 1.2 oz and 1.8 oz for plying.
Hang in there it's worth feeling like you'll never be a spinner, but once it clicks it is a lot of fun. I got a big thrill when I first wore my handspun, handknit socks.
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