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Please help me understand the stated number of pattern rows at a certain point in pattern
The pattern: Alice Starmore's Secret Garden girl's knit jacket, size 2-3, in her book The Children's Collection.

Here is a link to someone's version of it on the web:
I'm around the point that the knitter was in her September 26, 2005 entry.

So far I have knitted the first garter stitch rows and all rows of the 39 rows of Chart A of the skirt, plus the last wrong side row that goes with it. The wrong side rows are included in those 39 rows. It looks like the whole lacy 'V' edging at the bottom of the example photo (in the link).

In the pattern now, it says "78 Patt rows worked in total," and I say "Huh?" because I don't understand why it says that. The pattern doesn't look like it's repeated again. Why on earth would it say 78? I haven't found errata for it anywhere.
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