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not yet being a plant goddess myself, it really wasn't too productive a year! the squash borers got my crop just as I was beginning to harvest. I managed one pumpkin, one butternut, and three zucchinis, but that's all!
I did get a good crop of lettuce and herbs, without much bug damage, but all my broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, etc were a cabbage moth festival. UGH! EVERYTHING I picked was covered in bugs! It was so disheartening! Tomatoes, as I said before, was a tough year. Not very many even though I planted 9 vines. I've yet to have a good tomato salad, tomato sandwich, or tomato soup out of them.
It's a first year garden, and that never goes very well. I have to wait for the ecosystem to balance itself out. Once the birds find the bugfest, it should even itself out.
I do thank you for your very kind, warm wishes for a bountiful harvest. It just touched my heart so! THANK YOU!
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