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Originally Posted by ABMama View Post
I've never done short rows that way, but if you're interested....I use this method when knitting in the round (I make longies all the time, so I use this method a lot!).

Thanks, ABMama, for the link. It doesn't address where I'm having the problem, though. When knitting in the round, conventional knitting has you going clockwise around your item (from left needle to right needle). After doing a wrap on the knit side, I purl to where I'm going to do a wrap and turn, landing back on the knit side, where I continue knitting in the round.

Let's say I have a 100-stitch circle and I have to make my first wrap at stitch #50. I knit #50, wrap the next stitch, then purl back, let's say 10 stitches (stitch #40, because I'm going back the other way). I wrap that one and turn so I'm knitting 'forward' (clockwise) again. Now, the first wrap I come to is the one I've made at stitch 50. I can lift and hide the wrap on that one no problem (thank you, Cat Bordhi). When I continue around my circle, I go back to my beginning of round and keep knitting. The next wrap I come to is #40, the one I made while I was actually purling. Going this direction, the wrap is actually on the stitch on my left needle, not the stitch on my right needle (as when going in the knit direction).

I found a thread on Ravelry about this; the suggestion outlines manipulating the stitch and its wrap so it's sorta hidden, but it's very fiddly.

Any other ideas?
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