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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
YEah, that's what I'd do. Move the wrap so it won't show on the RS when you knit it together.

One thing I found is that no matter which W&T instructions I used, I had to always manuever the wrap stitch to hide it. Then I found that if I wrapped the outside of the stitch, that worked. So instead of bringing the yarn to the front of your work, slip the stitch and turn, I slip the stitch first, then move the yarn to the front, then turn which wraps that stitch the other direction. Maybe try that on your purl wraps.
Oooh... the Kobyashi Maru scenario! (Obscure Star Trek reference...) I like the concept, but still think the 'wrong' stitch will be wrapped when I come back around to it. I'll play with the next round of wraps to see if that changes the situation. Thanks!
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