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Originally Posted by Debkcs View Post
I do understand how you feel about your Whootie. My Maddiedog is the nearest thing I've ever had to a daughter . . . she knows my every mood, and just looked up at me as I typed her name.

We've not been home during the day for three weeks now, been spending so much time helping out with the little one. Maddie is 14, and I hate leaving her.

We had a cat, a marmalade male, who knocked himself out once, missing the counter; he was a kitten, and I thought he was dead, but he had more than nine lives as we found out over the next 19 years.

I'm so glad you baby is OK.
AWW.. I hate leaving them too.. I think both of my dogs just sleep the whole time I am gone.

I am glad your cat was ok after the incident, and lived so long. That really gives me hope that Wootie will not have any long term effects.

Congrats on the new baby She is adorable, you must be so proud!!
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