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Getting started at long last
I am finally acting on a long time desire to produce knitted garments. Socks and sweaters are my goal... eventually. Just now I'm working on my second, five foot scarf. The first one wasn't perfect and the second one won't be either. I'm completely OK with that. I'm a watch and clockmaker and I've learnt that there will be many more mistakes before I have my 10,000 hours of mastery going on.

The plan is to finish the current scarf that is exactly like the first one and then move from the current acrylic (yuck) yarn to some very colourful wool I bought recently. I'm excited about the prospects of what the winter holds. Knitting seems to be a wonderful activity for the end of the day when I don't feel like doing anything much more than sitting down anyway.

I've decided that my first sweater won't be a looker, but more of a stout bit of utility for my country life and trips to the barn. I have not had any success in finding as plain a pattern as I'm looking for though.

What I want is the very most plain design and construction I can find. I won't be cheap with the wool, but I will hold out on this project until I have a very primitive pattern that I can execute well. Ideas from you folks will be welcomed with open arms.

I'm very excited to see my scarves coming out more consistently. I've leant how to correct several of my favourite mistakes, which I'm sure my ambitious knitting Mum (Canadian dollar coin showing) will be happy to hear. I was visiting her recently and I think she thought the pain of me learning to knit at 50 years old was akin to learning the bagpipes. Not good!

I'm grateful to find this community and hope to be able to contribute in the spirit of this place.
Cheers! Ian
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