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Welcome to the forum, everyone!

Originally Posted by annalilly View Post
......I have been stubbornly trying to work out a chart for knitting BW's Grapevine pattern (2nd Treasury, p.220) in the round. If anybody has one, let me know. Happy knitting!!
You might try posting your question in the "Pattern Central" area of our forum.

Originally Posted by Texas44 View Post working on a shrug and i hope i can figure out how to sew it up when it comes time.
Hi Rhonda! You'll see a few good videos on "seaming" at the top of this page. Just click "View Videos", and find the section on "Knitting Tips". Scroll down that page for finishing techniques. Good luck!

Originally Posted by sharona56 View Post
My first question, is what is the best method for going from one skein of yarn to another.
Hi Sharon, you'll see Amy's videos on "Joining Yarn" on this page:

Originally Posted by shellstitch View Post
.....Before my stroke, I designed and made my own career wear and crochet was my favorite passtime, besides music........I've found that if I work really, really hard, I can recover some of the function in my dominant (right) hand and the sky is the limit. Key is, to never-ever give up!
You're an inspiration!

Originally Posted by PattySeidl View Post
who do I ask?
Originally Posted by ahugh View Post
.....Currently Im working on a new project and in need of help. I hope to hear from you soon.
If you have a question about specific patterns, post your question in the "Pattern Central" section. If you need help with a technique, post your question in the "How To" section. Just click the "Start a New Thread" button to post your question. Good luck!

Originally Posted by Froggy9682 View Post
..........I'm knitting from "Easy Baby Knits" by Claire Montgomerie, has anyone else made her patterns?
If you start a discussion in the "Pattern Central" section, you can find others working in the same book.

Originally Posted by Remontoire View Post
......I've decided that my first sweater won't be a looker, but more of a stout bit of utility for my country life and trips to the barn. I have not had any success in finding as plain a pattern as I'm looking for though.
You'll probably like the "Knitting Pure and Simple" patterns.
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