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Introducing myself
Started knitting in 1976 and learned to crochet at the same time. I love both for different reasons and different projects, and sometimes will make items in one of each. I was looking for a way to carry a second color easily across the back when knitting two rows of each color...and didn't find any until I stumbled across a link to this site. How have I missed it? I live in Hoquiam, Washington, USA...on the banks of the Hoquiam River, just 30 miles from the Pacific Ocean. I consider myself an intermediate knitter even though I have tackled some pretty complicated projects. I prefer making useful items for friends and scarves, mittens, hats...and if Santa tells me they have been very very good an occasional sweater.

I have been married for 52 years and we have one boomerang son at home...he is a delight and a burden at the same time. Suffers from panic attacks and depression, but in comfortable surroundings he is so clever and funny, it still amazes me he is so unsure and critical of himself. My husband was a government worker and on retiring became a downhill ski instructor. I had to give up skiing a few years ago, but I like sitting by the fireplace and enjoy the mountains from our condo at Snoqualmie Pass [about 150 miles from here] so in the winter I may be writing from up there. Beside knitting and crocheting I love photography, traveling, cooking, genealogy research, movies and television...not necesarily in that order. I love my grandnchildren and great grandchildren and do not get top see them nearly enough.

I found the answer to my question, but I'll be back.

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