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Originally Posted by MoniDew View Post
believe it or not, people WILL eventually get used to seeing you with your knitting. And the moment you show up somewhere without it, they will invariably ask, "where's your knitting?!" LOL! =))
Yep! I spent a tremendous amount of time waiting for my dd in band rehearsals last year. I heard through the grapevine that a rather famous conductor that she studied under, who teaches a guy who knows my son...anyway, my name came up in a lesson and the guy said, "That woman is always knitting!"

The kids at my kids' college (where I waited for rehearsals) were always interested. In fact, at one concert, I saw a girl across the concert hall knitting. My dd said, "She said you gave her courage to knit in the concert hall." Soon there were a couple of them doing it. So, it can spread, too.

I do try to be considerate in social situations. No clicking needles during a concert, or elbowing the people next to me, and though I knit at a restaurant when my dh and I go out, I wouldn't with other people, most likely.

As someone upthread said, people are more important and if someone feels they don't have my full attention, I'd rather just not knit.

But any waiting time always has me knitting.
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