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Fancy Feast problems
For those of you who feed this to your cats have you noticed lately the tiny white chunks in the food? We've been feeding our cats the Tender Beef Feast for at least 2 years now with nothing else and all of a sudden my boys won't touch it. We went through something similar last year where my dog wouldn't even lick the spoon! But it got better and now this. I've tried other flavors, lots of other flavors, and they'll eat 1 or 2 cans and that's it, and those too have the white chunks in them. My Max has lost weight from not eating! I'm scared to death. My husband felt the white specks and said it felt like bone. Sorry to gross you out, I'm not saying it is bone but there are by-products in there so it is possible. What else could it be?

I called Fancy Feast 2 weeks ago to complain and she said they haven't changed the formula since 2003. So what's with all the chunks? It's impossible to find a food, that's not expensive, that both cats like. I've been buying and returning cat food like a weirdo lately. Something has changed and I sure wish we could find out what the heck their doing to it.
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