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Originally Posted by newamy View Post
That sounds scary. Do they not eat dry food? It's way better for the teeth. My kitties only get wet food for a treat and are content with 9 Lives if they get it.
Yes, they were on dry food their whole lives up until 2.5 yrs ago when one of them got diabetes. So after researching it online I found that the wet food is WAY better for them than the dry as they are carnivours. They aren't meant to eat all the carbs, they aren't built that way. So after a few months, low and behold, his diabetes went away! And they've been on the FF ever since.

And the claim about it the dry being better for their teeth isn't true either. I think the only thing that helps keep animals teeth clean is chewing on bones. (Which I don't recommend anyone give their cats bones to chew on, I'm referring to dogs.) Dry food isn't hard enough to get the crap off of their teeth. I'm only speaking from my experience with my 2 boys. I don't mean to offend anyone in anyway as we're all protective of our pets. But I can't go back to dry food seeing as the one is suseptible to diabetes.
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