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I have a cat with tooth problems (she has a 2nd extraction scheduled for later this week), and my vet just told me that it is NOT necessary that I feed her wet food. Dry is just fine.

Finding food that both my cats like has been a challenge. I use Nutro dry weight management for my older cat (the one with bad teeth). I use Science Diet Mature Hairball formula for my slightly younger cat. They both prefer the Science Diet stuff, but I keep trying to get the older cat to eat the weight management formula because she needs it.

They both LOVE fancy feast, but only if it's the kind which is sliced in gravy. They also really enjoy the newer (and more expensive) cans which have the "savory sauce" or "delicate sauce and garden greens". They prefer fish/chicken/turkey to beef - both of them turn their noses up at that. I have not noticed any quality control issues with the Fancy Feast cans - they get these as treats.
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