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This thread was meant to help me find out if anyone else is having problems with their cats eating FF. Nothing else.

The way I feed my cats is based on my research and my dealings with the diabetes. I wasn't saying you shouldn't feed your cats dry food, I just said canned is better for them. I don't want people to get all huffy about this, it's just been my experience having fed them dry food for 8 years and then switching them to the canned food made a huge difference for them. Eddie was no longer diabetic and he lost weight which he desperately needed to do. No I didn't over feed them, he just found his way to Max's bowl as Max is a finicky eater. So before I could come back and pick up Max's bowl Eddie would get to it first. And Eddie inhales his food, he never chewed the dry food, he just swallowed it whole. Our lives revolve around "did you pick up Max's bowl"? It's insane. But it is what it is.

I'm worried for my Max. I have an appt at 2:30 today for the vet to see him just to rule out any other possibility. If in the end I have to go back to dry food to get Max to eat then that's what we'll do, but until then I'm going to keep trying to find a canned food that they'll both eat.
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