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UK to US Conversion Chart Has an 'Oh' size hook.

My first thought was similar to Sue's but for a different reason. Often zero and oh are confused with each other. I though there was a steel crochet hook size zero '0' (or "aught") for thread size #5 to #10.

I found a size O listed on this metric to USA conversion chart:

Hook size O US is 10.00 mm.

That is just a touch larger than 3/8 inch (between 25/64" and 13/32")

But at this older chart, US letter O sized hook is said to be 12 mm and Addi was listed as the only source.

But if you don't have a size O and need to reach a larger gauge for a more flexible fabric, could you try using a looser tension?

Using smaller weight yarn with the same hook size would help make it softer and more flexible in drape. I noted that the pattern gave the pattern as multiple of 3 + 2 so if a starting chain of 62 is not wide enough for your needs, you can add a multiple of 3 stitches to the starting chain.
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