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Kinda a "pet charity" thing...
A little off the wall here (due to not being able to sleep)..anyway all of us here knit our hearts out for pet charities, I myself have such a dilemma...during the spring, a local (from the "barn" across the street) female cat decided to "give" birth to 5 kittys in my garage...o.k., problem "was" I didn't "socialize" with them (couldn't find them she kept moving them) for many many weeks..when I did they were "wild"..after many calls to various groups (APL, stray groups, etc) NO ONE WOULD TAKE THEM because they were considered feral..I socialized two, after many many hours of hand feeding etc...and was able to capture and give (with a hefty donation and alot of begging) to the APL...yesterday morning "mom" gave birth once again in my garage,(yes I know I should of captured her and had her spayed, yea right, how?) mind you 3 of here first litter was still here (all males), I hijacked them in a carrier (only one scratch on my hand) and took em up the road to another farm(my last resort)..I guess to be mousers? anyway guess what? One CAME BACK LAST NIGHT Bottom Line all groups are totally overloaded with cats....and now these new guys are once again my responsibility (according to the neighbors who also feed her).....I have two indoor cats...OMG

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