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New to knitting--intrigued, excited and lost!
Hi everyone! I'm Sherrie and I'm new to knitting. I became disabled after 2 failed spinal fusions, followed by a pulmonary embolism (blood clot on the lung), all within the span of 8 months. Since I am unable to work I needed something to pass the time (besides watching soap operas and talk shows--a person can only take so much of daytime TV!).

I actually got "started" last summer when my daughter's friend came over and noticed some knitting accessories my daughter received as a Christmas gift the year before. My daughter has no interest in knitting so she let her friend have it. I learned to crochet from my older sister when I was probably 9 (she's 14 yrs older than I am and is the ultimate craft queen LOL) so yarns aren't new to me.

I watched my daughter's friend knitting and was intrigued. I thought to myself "I can do this!" so I grabbed a set of needles and then became lost. I had no idea how to start anything or even how to do any stitches. My daughter's friend stopped what she was doing and offered to teach me the very basics. I got the knit stitch down pat. I practiced that stitch for a month. My next step was to learn to purl. THAT'S where I get lost.

Does anyone have any techniques, hints, etc that would help me to pick up on it? I am right handed. I have such a hard time grasping the concept of switching from a knit to purl stitch. I want to make sure I have the purl down before I go to anything else.

Lastly, I want to say thank you for this site! I've gone to many others and started doubting my ability to catch on to knitting. When I came across this site and saw all the videos I was instantly hooked and come back to it every day. Today I finally signed up and I'm glad I did! I look forward to meeting fellow knitters who seem to have not only a better grasp of this craft but the ability to help those of us who are lost.

Thank you in advance for any and all tips! I look forward to creating lots of things and becoming a better knitter!
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