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This is a 1 piece hooded sweater sack. It has sleeves no legs. It zippers down front and is gathered at bottom. I worked pattern from hood down to sleeves down to body. It has a seat belt hole in the crotch area. I'm now at 11" with 82 stitches on needle. It is joined as 1 piece including front lft, back,rt front. It now says join. I'm assuming I join the front lft and right sides. It then says knit the front 5 and the back 5 st tog and work in the round until 18" (making car seat belt hole) knit to middle of front, turn, purl to middle of back. Work back & forth until 19". Leave on needle, cut yarn & tie yarn back onto other side. Work same then join back until measures 23". Dec row: K2 tog across next 2 rounds. BO, pull base tog. With K hook sc around front opening. Sew under arms. zipper.
Does anyone understand? Please help. I'm so lost. This is the exact wording of pattern. I'd appreciate all help!
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