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OK Pam, I've finally caught up with you.

I've decided to do the shaping at the front all at once, instead of one side at a time, the way they suggest.

After knitting half the stitches, you cast off the middle stitch, and finish the row. Then, they tell you to work on the first half of the stitches, going back and forth until it's as long as the back section (up to the decrease sections). Then, you do decreasing on the edge, so it matches the decreasing you did on the back.

Instead of just doing the first half, I'm doing both halves at the same time, using two skeins of yarn.

Here's a closer view of the spot where they separate:

When it comes time to do the decreasing, I'll be casting off stitches at both ends, so the shaping will match exactly. The front should look exactly like the back when the shaping is done.

I hope this helps you understand it better. If not, just let me know. I can explain it to you the way they suggest, one side at a time, if you want.
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