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Another newbie to spinning...
Spinning is one of those things I said I didn't want to try, but now I hear the muse!!

I bought an inexpensive drop spindle at a wool festival and am trying it out. I have watched a bunch of the videos online, and I think I actually understand the drafting process and the way to let the twist run up the wool, but my problem is the spin on the spindle. I spin it, but it doesn't go for very long, and then it starts to turn backwards. Is it not heavy enough? I think it is just a homemade one.

I did stop at a hardware store yesterday to see about buying a round piece of wood and a dowel, but they didn't have the round piece (to make my own). I happen to be off (without children!) today, so I might take a run up to the yarn shop and see if they have spindles. I think it might be dangerous that I've moved to a town only 15 minutes away from the yarn shop!!!

So any advice would be great. I saw on another post a suggestion to 'fluff up' the roving, so I think I'll try that to try to avoid my lumpy bits, but that spindle going backwards so soon after I spin it is driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance!!
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