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Arm Hole help
I'm a novice to intermediate knitter so forgive me for not using terminology or needing things spelled out for me.

DD asked me to knit her a sweater dress. I know what I want to make in my head but I can't find a pattern that matches what I want to do. So, I've decided to be extremely adventurous and make my own pattern!

I'm going to start from the bottom and work towards the top, knitting in the round. I've got it all planned out until I get to the arm holes ...

What I'm thinking is to divide the front and back evenly, determining where the side is and bind off a certain number of stitches on either side of that "side" (think a seam when sewing). From there I'd knit using straight needles to work the front and back until I get to the top of the arm holes.

I still have to visualize how to shape the neck; maybe something similar to what I'm thinking for the arm holes?

I'm new to arm holes in general -- I usually knit pants!!

Any advice would be great!!! THANK YOU!
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