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First time reading a chart
Hi, I'm starting the Yarn Harlot's "Pretty Thing" (available at Ravelry) and it's my first time reading a chart. The pattern says to cast on 118 stitches and repeat the first row of the pattern 7 times around. There are 16 open squares meaning to do 16x7 knit stitches. Now according to my calculator 16x7=112. Harlot assures us on the pattern download page that 118 is the right number.

Can anyone who has the pattern and can see the chart help me understand how this works out? I know all I have to do is knit every stitch on the first row, but for the sake of the rest of the project, I want to understand charts. Does it not matter if it doesn't work out mathematically?

(Am I overthinking this?)
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