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I am doing a baby sweater. The pattern has been a cable 4 row pattern for awhile now. Cable, purls, knits and purls to complete the cable. (the knit row and purl rows are earlier) So there is a definite right and wrong side.
The last row I completed, bringing the work to the required length was a primarily purl row....that row finishes with a KPK tor a trim onto which the front zipper will eventually attach, being the left breast side of the front of the sweater.

The next inst says.....Patt 34 and slip 3sts onto a safety pin for the collar....
My problem?
I feel the last 3 sts they are referring to are the knk.....which would b the 1st 3 sts of this row.
the next row says to: (wrong side) bind off the 4 sts of cable working p2tog tbl on center 2 sts, patt to end.
Patt 1 row.

Is it possible I am not finished on the wrong side?
Thanks for your help.
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