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Purl side short rows on knit side
Yes, MoosesMuse, like Suzeeq said you'll knit that stitch. The finicky part comes when you are hiding the wrap, but the concept is the same.

On the knit side, when I come to the knit stitch that was wrapped, I (a) lift the wrap onto my left needle, (b) pass the wrap over the knit stitch, then (c) knit the two (wrap & stitch) through the back loop.

On the knit side, when I come back around to the stitch that had been wrapped on the purl side, it's a little more fussy, but the same concept. I (a) take my left needle and pick up the wrap (lifting from the bottom up), (b) using my right needle, I gently coax the knit stitch off the left needle and through the wrap, (c) then I place that knit stitch onto the left needle, keeping it to the right of the wrap (which is now on the left needle), (d) knit those two (wrap & stitch) together.

Manipulating the purl wrapped stitch on the knit side is very fussy, but after trying a lot of different techniques, I have found that this way hides the gap better, especially after some gentle blocking.

Good luck!
- Meg
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