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Thank you so much, madam/sir moderator.
I paid 50.00 for knitting help today b/c the simply baby book a knitting store sold me, with supposedly easy baby sweaters, was well above my head. Not so much on the k, p, stockingnett st, garter st, or even the cable st. .....but the decreasing around the arms and I suspect the collar and neckline with such a cable pattern will prove my undoing.

I did learn that my front is a knit st, while the p is my wrong side.
I also learned that after reducing the cable to an odd number, is not always spelled out exactly how they prefer you to continue.....and is sometimes a matter of experimentation.....2 on hold and knit one...or 1 on hold and knit 2????? I suspect you would all tell me it's a nobrainer...2 and 1/2 would not hold the pattern adequately.....
I am learning thru trial by fire.

Thank u all for replying to me.
I appreciate your time.
There are no problems......only solutions!
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