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"work even" & "work in pattern" help
Working on a sweater in fall 2009 Fons&Porter's (pg 77)

The line in question reads:
"K1, ssk, work in pat to last 3 sts ..." and then finishes with k2tog and K1.

The next line reads to "work even". The sweater is in stockinette stitch and that what I was knitting until the line quoted above, ending on WS (purl - I assume that is WS, I am a beginner ) I am in the point of the pattern where the decrease for the armholes begins.

So, am I only supposed to decrease on the "knit" row of the stockinette, so every other line?

AND, am I only supposed to decrease once on each end and then knit through the middle?

I have been thinking about this and this is how I think logically it should work, just need confirmation. If it means something else, please enlighten me! Thanks.
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