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Have I gone off the deep end?
I just made a knitting video to help my BFF learn how to pick up sts and then kfb. While I was setting up the camera and tripod, my husband said, "You've gone off the deep end..." I think not!!! I am just trying to spread the love...This past Aug I taught her how to knit while I was visiting her in Houston. She found the pattern for the Latifa Scarf on and we are doing a KAL. She said she couldn't figure out how to pick the sts for the ruffle so I did what any BFF would do I showed her how.

I remember when I was trying to figure out how to pick up sts while knitting my 1st log cabin. I just couldn't figure it out, even with the awesome vids here at KH. I finally did get it thanks to everyone's pictures posted, but it took a bit.

So no, I haven't gone off the deep end!!! Right?
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