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If you did short rows for the Back must have put them (the remaining "live" stitches) onto either waste yarn or holders.

To perform the 3-needle bind will need to have an equal amount for each Front shoulder as well. For example: all 4 shoulders have 16 live stitches on hold.

When the time comes, you will put the 16 for the Right Front shoulder onto a needle, and you will put the 16 for the Right Back shoulder onto a needle...and THEN you take a 3rd needle for the actual binding off process.

You prolly already know that, but just in case....

And, Knitting Help has a video (it's the last one on the page) on how to work the 3-needle bindoff, but you prolly know that, too, but just in case....

And don't forget YouTube. Just enter 3-needle bind off knitting in the search bar once you get there. Here is just one:
YouTube Video
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Knitting Help Video Index

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