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Grafting the Toe
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Claire, is there anywhere we can look at this pattern? Did you transmit this line to us correctly, exactly as written:
2nd row - K1, inc in next st, P to last stitch, inc in next st, K1 (23 sts)
? There is something a bit inconsistent in the way that is written. It says to "P to the last stitch, and then gives directions that really involve 2 more stitches. So something seems amiss.

I don't know what you are making or what further increases may require, but the increase used in this instance doesn't need to be a knit front back or for that matter a purl front back (since it is on a purl row). Another increase might look better. It seems like the idea is to leave a garter stitch (knit every row) border on each side consisting of 1 stitch and then to have an increase so that you end up with 23 stitches. You could use any increase in this type of situation that looks good to you. Check out the increases given in the video section and do some swatches to see what you like. You will probably find an increase that is used on the purl side looks best.
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