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Rib 9, wrap and turn ????
Sirdar shawl collar jacket Pattern #8745

Not clear on what Rib 9, wrap and turn mean. I guess it is to make the collar lay flat.

Here is what I have for directions for left side of shawl collar:

Start at center back pick up and knit 100 stitches.
Next Row: p2k2 = 2x2 rib.
Working in a 2x2 rib, proceed.

1st row, Rib 9 - Does Rib 9 mean do 9 stitches of 2x2 rib or do 9 entire ribs or 18 stitches?
Wrap1, turn.

2nd row: Rib to end - is this a short row as a result of turning work?

3rd row: Rib 18, wrap 1, turn.

This pattern gives directions on wrap1 but I am unclear of the rest.
Wrap 1 = slip next stitch onto right needle and take yarn to opposite side of work between needles, slip same stitch back onto left needle

Thanks in advance.

I looked at the video on this site on short rows but I am still unclear.
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