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3-dimentional chevron scarf
I took an out-of-town friend to TJ Maxx yesterday and she fell in love with (and bought) a chevron scarf. It was very unusual in that the chevrons were 3-dimensional-- distinct hills and valleys with very defined ridges. She is a "blue" person and it was a solid red, and I would love to make one for her in "her" colour. It was a knit fabric, but possibly felted. It did say to dry-clean only, and we thought that normal washing would likely remove the effect-- but she's not going to experiment on a $40 scarf:-). She is an extremely experienced sewer and I am an extremely experienced knitter, and neither of us could sort out how it had been done. I have Knitting Never Felt Better and Epstein has some interesting round shapes, even some curved ridges (done after the actual felting, when the piece was still wet, apparently), but not the sharp edges such as in this scarf. Has anyone seen anything like this, or even better, a pattern for it?
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