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Our town got 1.5" of rain in a couple of hours time the day before our trip...and we live on a hill...and the parking lot of a church up the hill ran all the rainwater it 'collected' down into our backyard! The water looked like Niagra Falls coming under our fence, over the rockery and even spewing right through our rockery! It looked like a fireman's hose!

My husband called the City officials and they came out and sandbagged the church parking lot and cleared all their clogged drains, and gave them 30 days to find a permanent remedy.

In the meantime, we had our own cleanup, and also, my husband went somewhere and filled 100 sandbags, stacked them 2 deep and 2 high on the other side of our wood fence where all the water was gushing in. At least in the event of another torrential downpour in the next 30 days, it will direct the 'river' of rainwater down the side of our property and down the hill to the street.

OY! So all of that totally SAPPED our time and energy, and we are just getting ourselves pulled together! We leave in the morning! See you all on Monday! Happy Knitting, Sisters!

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